Malayalam Module

This module handles Malayalam script. Module is written by Santhosh Thottingal

Malayam module has a number reading functionality as well as a miscellanous string handling functionality. Number reading logic is based on the unique pattern based logic of Malayalam. There are many exceptions in the pattern too. The module can read the numbers uptio 10 places. Numbers with decimal places, number starting with zero etc are also handled . If the number of places is greater than 10, it is assumed that the number can be a phone number or creadit card number etc.So in that case , each number will be spelt as it is.

For eg: 044662269289 - this will be read as പൂജ്യം നാലു് നാലു് ആറു് ആറു് രണ്ടു് രണ്ടു് ആറു് ഒമ്പതു് രണ്ടു് എട്ടു് ഒമ്പതു്

44662269.0289 - this will be read as നാലു് നാലു് ആറു് ആറു് രണ്ടു് രണ്ടു് ആറു് ഒമ്പതു് ദശാംശം പൂജ്യം രണ്ടു് എട്ടു് ഒമ്പതു്

Special symobols like %, = , $ will be read as ശതമാനം,സമം, ഡോളര്‍ respectively

As of now, if any english letters come in between Malayalam text, it will bre spelled. For ex: KSRTC will be കെ.എസ്.ആര്‍.ടി.സി. but a word blog as ബി.എല്‍.ഓ.ജി. Though dhvani is not an English TTS, future versions will try to provice a solution for this.

Malayalam samvruthokrama(സംവൃതോകാരം - ു് ) is treated with special care. The chillus will have a consonant+virama+zwj. If the virama comes in between a word, or if it is a chillu, a half sound of the consonant will be used. If the virama comes at the end of a word, it will be considered as pseodo-samvruthokram and will be treates as a samvruthokaram case. So the pronunciation of ന് in അവന്‍ ,സന്തോഷ് , അവനു് will be different. Samvruthokram will get a vowel u sound unit. Actually it is not the usual u sound but it is special speech unit used in tamil for the emphasis unit at the end of a word